My Turn (& An Apple Turnover)

Welcome to the inaugural blog of Those two words just seem so mashable don’t they? Blog and Inaugural. What would that be? Inblogural? Blinaugural? Okay, perhaps they are not as mashable as originally thought, but it is a nice ‘guh’ sound in both words and I just don’t think we have enough of those in everyday talk.

"So, what can I expect from this business?" You ask. Great question. The quick and easy answer for those of you that have already spent the max 15 seconds per web view that we over-committed, hyper-connected, twitter-afflicted consumers of media are making these days is this: I needed a place where potential clients could check out my work and a place where previous clients could be reminded how much fun we had working together and in remembering, hire me again.

I am what society refers to as a “late-bloomer” so for all of you that are weeks, months, years or even decades ahead of me in this online world, I thank you for making space for me and appreciate any and all words of wisdom. To me, it doesn’t matter when a person blooms, what matters is that we all arrive at just the perfect time for each of our unique stories to be shared.

Writing about “turns” makes me think about warm, gooey and delicious Apple Turn-Overs. Here is a favorite recipe that I am required by the sacred laws of friendship to make at least once a year for my dear friend Mel. This is an easy recipe and I encourage you to get in your kitchen and give it a try. Why not take some time while cooking the apples or folding the pastry to ask yourself: what is it my turn to do and what, if anything is stopping me from doing it?