Do You Mean IT?

Best way to deal with tough days? Hanging out with Mr. Sherlock T. Bones!

Best way to deal with tough days? Hanging out with Mr. Sherlock T. Bones!

Yesterday will go down in my book as one of “those” days. Specifically, one of those days where all the Powers-That-Be seemingly got together in a darkened Speakeasy somewhere and over a few strong belts of whiskey decided in unison to check in with Tiffany Morgan and see if she really, really means it.

What is IT you ask? Good question and one without a specific, succinct or even reasonably understandable answer – however IT is something I believe to be universal that we each struggle with in our own unique way.

For example: you know those times when you’ve made the call that it is going to be a healthier month? That the effort to reign in sugar and booze consumption is going to step to the front of the line, along with more movement and more sleep? And no sooner has the thought passed through your mind, or the journal entry of intentions been written or the friends/spouse/lover/local barista & bartender all been put on notice… you get hit with a head cold and all that seems to make it better is whiskey, some honey-soaked toast and the couch. To hell with the gym!

Or, maybe it’s a project that has been simmering for over a decade and it finally appears that all necessary parties are on board and ready to sail the high seas of success. Again, thought, then journal, then proclamation… then unforeseen obstacle, and once again, delayed. The thought that this project will never see the light of day starts to overwhelm, and nothing but craptastic jobs will ever only be available.

Or, after years of daily (sometimes hourly) self-despair over lack of supermodel-perfect abs/thighs/butt and a self-talk that in any other venue would be considered abusive and harsh – you have one of those ‘Aha’ moments in a very personal and healthy yoga practice, only to come home to an email reminding you that they’re looking for an “athletic type” for this role, which, for anyone unaware, is one of the many ways casting can say “not a fatty” without ruffling any feathers.

Or all of the above AND my day yesterday!

Look, you don’t need to know what happened yesterday, I know it and that’s enough. One of the best experiences I ever had was during my first year of yoga teacher training and the brilliant Desiree Rumbaugh taught me the skill of holding the big life lessons close to my heart. Not that my experience of them wasn’t to be shared, but when I first get the hit of the lesson, to hold it close and respect what it is I’m being taught. Only after I assimilate and truly feel the lesson can IT ever go out from me to the world.

So, to all those Powers-That-Be wondering about me and whether I mean it or not, I do.  I am so incredibly grateful for this life, the lessons it holds, the good and the bad – all of IT! And if you think a few off days, weird encounters, cosmic delays or stupid casting notices will be the end of me, you all might want to enjoy another round or two of whiskey, I’m nowhere near done yet.