Summer Resolutions

Summer has descended and I have gone into full detox mode.

One of the many benefits of life in the south is that every day between July and early September is like living in my very own steam room! Now, to my friends and family in the north I know this seems like insanity, and trust me, I get what you mean. I grew up in the blissful land of lush green summers, where a "hot" day was upper 80's with no humidity. But here's the thing about daily sweat-box living: my skin looks great and I can pull off a good five-to-eight-year lie about how old I really am (wink wink).

Seriously, though, there is a certain glow that all this perspiration makes possible. Add to that the bounty of summer farmers markets with overflowing stocks of fresh fruits and veggies and it makes me think that we should call for a national shift in the timing of our culture's insistence on New Years Resolutions happening in the dead of winter. I find it so much easier to switch into healthy mode when the sun greets me early in the day (those early hours are the ONLY hours my four-legged children and I can get our long walks in before hot-paws and panting tongues stop my furry beasts in their tracks) and my energy is high from all the good eating and the deep sleep that happens at the end of hot, active days.

So here's to summer. To the heat and sticky sweat that makes the dive into the pool so rewarding. To hot tomatoes that burst in my mouth and sweet strawberries atop homemade granola with a dollop of yogurt. It may require a few more showers, a little extra application of deodorant and a wardrobe consisting of breathable cotton, but I'm willing to do all of those in exchange for how alive and bright I feel.