Kitchen Of Life

Just a few of the fantastic recipe boxes my sister Mel has given me.

Just a few of the fantastic recipe boxes my sister Mel has given me.

This morning’s steamy, late-summer walk with it’s dripping sweat, and almost triple-digit temperature, ignited in me the idea of the alchemy of creation when it comes to those ‘Aha’ moments baked into life. Arriving home post-walk to (iced) coffee and keyboard I find a dish of precious sustenance to contemplate as an entirely new landscape begins to open up before me.

Before my walk, the ingredients of my week poured in perfect measure day by day included:

 ~ A newly gained confidence and ownership of my career.

~ Magic brought to life by a neighbor and friend who perfectly sets the stage.

~ Kindred Spirit arrives in town inspiring and motivating me once again.

~ Early morning yoga traces a familiar path of student and teacher as one.

~ Inspiring food that satisfies and connects 

~ Creative Mornings gets the blender whirling.

Mixed together with plenty of water, sleep, and healthy eating, I awake early Saturday morning to place it all in the hot oven of Mother Nature’s Southern Kitchen. And, there it is: the creation of a personal dish that makes my mouth water and my heart leap with joy!

A compelling recipe for something as nourishing as this one comes to life with the right people, the best ingredients and the deepest of intentions.

For me, it’s been a long journey gathering these ingredients and intentions and patiently bringing them together for the soul (yes, I know I spelled it wrong) purpose of serving something that will nourish, connect and satisfy a very hungry world.  But that is exactly what is happening in my kitchen of life at the moment. I know success is never promised, and not even an option if I don’t try. So while I am eternally grateful for air conditioning and cool swimming pools, the heat of what’s baking right now is exactly what's needed for this recipe to come to life and be served.