Permission to Pitch It!

Thanks  One Story Slinger  for the image!

Thanks One Story Slinger for the image!

Here’s a little permission, if you need it, to just go on ahead and pitch a fit or descend into the dark hole to Tantrum’ville or any other version of fist-clenching, face-wrinkling, breath-gasping, foot-stomping you feel compelled to do.

The reason I bring this up is because I believe children are onto something with their fit-throwing ways (says the woman with no kids – apologies for having an opinion about this - but to be fair I HAVE played a Mom on TV, so there’s a tiny bit of street-cred). Kids get frustrated or mad or any other version of a negative feeling and they let you know about it, right then, right there, right in the middle of the cereal aisle while their screams are heard around the block.

Yesterday was one of those days where multiple things did not go my way, and no, I’m not talking things like bad manicures or cold lattes. I’m talking meaningful jobs going away, well-paying jobs going away and a multitude of other cascading crap that by the time the day was almost over, so was I – done! So, I pitched a fit. I cried a whole bunch, I screamed at the love of my life, I was mean to my doggies (didn’t kick ‘em I promise, just extra grumpy to both, please don’t come after me PETA) and then went to a concert where everyone was having a great time and I was silently judging them for doing just that.

So what did this tantrum teach me and why am I writing about today? The lesson was getting it out of my system - there’s no residue of all those craptastic feelings this morning! I felt them when I was feeling them, expressed them, and now I won’t need to try and manage them in the future. How often do we suppress something that really needs expression in the moment? Kids get it, whether consciously or not, they instinctively know to let it out in the here and now. Whatever the toxic state is of the emotion it can be burned up, cried out, and life can move on.

We’ve got a lot of people pitching fits in our public forums right now, and there are many that I understand and support. Hurt feelings abound and there are more versions of the technological “cereal aisle” than ever before. I say stomp and scream, do what ya gotta do in the moment to shake it off, then take advantage of the clean slate to write a new story for the new day you’ve been given without carrying around the baggage from the day (or the election) before.

Also, laughter is a HUGE help! Thanks to my Sissy D for sharing this with me (NSFW).