Less Talk, More Listen

Check out more Drawings of Dogs:  http://drawingsofdogs.tumblr.com/

Check out more Drawings of Dogs: http://drawingsofdogs.tumblr.com/

With blog posts numbering in the billions – yes that’s a ‘b’ – it is something of a wonder to me that anyone reads anything written by anyone at anytime. And yet, we do. We find like-minded people who resonate with us and agree with us and cook and eat like us and their blogs become a part of us: we devour them, bookmark and share them, respond and ponder them.

My big lesson this past year is found in two words: like us.

Or, like me.

I am guilty. I have cultivated my world around me where the information I consume and the opinions I share are the ones I most agree with. This is a brutal customization of my life experience and I am ready to change that. Ready to listen to strangers as Celeste Headlee implores. Ready to be uncomfortable in service to better understand the world I live in and ready to find my way to a better understanding of this big, extraordinary world I am privileged to live in.

This blog of mine may be only one of the billions out there, and while I hope whoever is reading this finds something useful in a thought or an opinion I share, a recipe I pass along or an answer to a question, more importantly, I hope that by holding myself accountable to speak my truth, I will in equal measure show up and listen to other people's truth as well.