Delicious Detour: Apple Cake

There are a few recipesI I have had in my possession for almost three decades, this apple cake recipe is one of those. There was a time in my life when it seemed like I was baking this once a week! Now, it gets pulled out when I need a quick dessert to share with friends and I’m not in the mood to make brownies (my other go-to quick dessert).

For me, recipes are stories, not just something that gets put together in the kitchen and devoured at the table. Recipes can instantly transport me to a different time and place in my life and for whatever time I am working to make or bake that particular recipe I find myself wandering around the memories, savouring who I was and who I am becoming and what I’ve learned in between the two.

Taking the time to make something from scratch is not only important for health reasons and enjoying a better connection with the food that nourishes us, but it is also a gateway to stories of our lives, the people we’ve known, the places we’ve been and the experiences we’ve had.

If you’re struggling to feel connected to your family or community, partner or the world around you, or to yourself, I’d encourage you to find a recipe for something that by the time it is prepared and completed you will have gone on a short journey through many, if not all of those connections. And, if you happen to choose this apple cake recipe, you'll have a yummy treat to enjoy as well.