Forget More Than Ever

Ya know when you have a crush on a guy, maybe his name is Mark or Matt or Harry and as soon as you acknowledge that crush, all of sudden everywhere you go you begin seeing his name, billboards, books, magazines, coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond?

I am not currently crushing on any of the above-mentioned guys, but I am being crushed by a turn of phrase that is literally (!) showing up everywhere. I mean, everywhere.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, regardless of the aisle you stand on or in or around – these are weird days. Politics aside, the technology, disconnection, fractured days and missing families, depression and obesity, fear and driver-less cars, on and on it goes. All reasons for any one of us to look for ways to skip out of the now. 'Netflix & Chill' anyone? Cheeseburgers made with donuts as buns? Self-help retreats led by recently appointed "gurus"?

I get that saying “Now, more than ever” in regards to just about every topic is a way to call attention to something needing to be accomplished – now, more than ever. But the irony that rings so deep for me is that there seems to be little interest in what it means to be here, in the NOW, in this moment, present with both breath and thought, heart and listening minds (There are driver-less cars people! And mega-star-celebrities are pregnant! Yes, pregnant! How human of them).

Offering an alternative is challenging. How do you express need and necessity and desire and dedication without using an overused phrase? I agree, we need things now, more than ever, but I would add to that we have and always will need things like civil discourse, human kindness, empathy, joy, connection, grace – laughter.

The now is all we have. How about instead of emphasizing the more than ever, we emphasize the now. A necessary conversation: now. A nutritious and nourshing meal: now. A human connection: now. A shared moment with loved ones: now. A kindness offered to a stranger: now. We have always needed the more than ever, we just forget how deeply we need the now.