Water. Whispers. Wine.

Even the duck took cover in the rain.

Even the duck took cover in the rain.

In the short time I've been practicing this discipline of daily writing and (sometimes daily) blogging I have no doubt mentioned or referenced my deep belief in intuition. Those little whispers that nudge us one way or the other and when we fail to pay attention can have less-than-delightful outcomes, or when we give them the attention they deserve, can help keep our head above water. Case in point: my trip to LosAngeles earlier this week.

This was a quick trip and needed to be done efficiently and orderly. Apparently, Mother Nature missed the memo on those needs and decided "Storm of the Century" sounded better. Without going into the details of how crazy the events of the trip unfolded, I will simply say this: even the damn duck took cover from the rain (see photo).

Amidst the madness of cancelled flights, wrong airports, sinkholes and water flooding every street, I was still able to hear the whispers all around that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and I'm not alone in being there and that failure isn't an option because failure would mean not showing up - and I show up!

So just as powerful as our intuition can be to warn us away from strangers or bad fashion, there is also an affirming side of our instincts for when our mind behaves like a stranger and wants to rail against being human and making mistakes. What good comes from beating ourselves up? Isn't the better decision to accept that so much of life DOES happen for a reason, even one we may not see at the moment, but if we trust it exists, soon enough we will understand.

I learned the lesson that when Mother Nature gives you that much rain it's best to find a friend, a dry place and a bottle of wine to wait out the storm. Doesn't that just feel like life most days?