Of Unicorns, Rainbows & Self-Delusion


I have a friend who once remarked to me that my habit of positive thinking and believing in the best possible outcome was nothing more than “lying to myself”. Up until the moment this friend pointed that out to me, I had never even considered the idea that mentally affirming the most positive outcome in any given situation was an act of fraud against my person.

This particular way of thinking that my friend offered, while not being for me, did give me the gift of insight (which isn’t available on Amazon Prime). That insight was simply this: optimism is a choice, sometimes moment to moment, other times day to day, but always, always a choice.

I am an annoying optimist that sees the flowers getting a necessary shower, not rain that can only be falling from the sky in order to ruin my hair and my day. I’ve been known to enjoy a long line at the grocery store – more time to talk with strangers or peruse a trashy magazine! And I often repeat, mantra-like, thoughts of positivity around any given subject, confident that my doing so will affect the outcome.

And ya know what? It DOES affect the outcome. Let me be clear, it doesn’t dictate or mandate the outcome – rather it affects a huge component of the outcome: my personal peace of mind and sanity.

Try it for yourself, while it may not seem as difficult a choice as broccoli or chocolate cake, ultimately it IS a choice and as those are becoming fewer and fewer in our automated and internet’ed world, take and make ‘em great when you can!

Here’s to thinking the best can happen and being grateful for whatever does happen.