Delicious Detours: I Did It Myyyyy Way!

When did it become the rule that breakfast foods mostly involved bread, fruit or bacon? Was there some worldwide conference suggesting bagels with cream cheese and a pot of coffee to wash it down was the best way to start the day? Or, that ‘ol marketing genius for the cereal industry, ‘A Balanced Breakfast’. Which consisted of a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of juice perfectly food-styled in the sunny kitchen of a modern home somewhere in the world where that actually happens?!

I’m not the one to take away anyone’s convenience or need for speed, but personally, I’ve discovered launching my days in a more truly balanced way is a powerful statement to myself that I matter and what I put into my body matters and that the day ahead matters and so let’s get this party started!

Recently I completed my first Whole30 and I wish I could report here that it was mind-blowing, but that would be an understatement. In truth, it was life-changing and not because I magically morphed into a tiny slip of a supermodel, rather I expanded into a fully-present-for-myself-and-my-life human that better understands what I need to feel nourished and vibrant.

One of the big lessons was truly understanding that starting my day by piling toast on top of dairy on top of sugar on top of caffeine is akin to put regular gas in a diesel car – not a good idea. So I began playing with my food, specifically how I was fueling the start to my days. One of my favorite newly discovered breakfast go-to meals is simple, full of energy giving goodness and now a regular guest at my morning table.

Play around with this idea, but the basics for me include: a pile of mixed greens drizzled with a little olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt. Add to that some warmed up (bake a few at a time so you'll always have some handy) cubed sweet potato and then a couple of eggs. Another favorite is to heat up some ghee and Braggs (or Coconut) Aminos in a sauté pan, add a few handfuls of kale (or spinach), let that wilt a bit, then crack a few eggs, stir it all up and serve it with a dash of cayenne pepper.