Pure Joy


Those moments in life when a feeling is so pure and so present it’s easy to wish they happened every day, but would our capacity to truly appreciate them get burned out if they did?

Yesterday held a moment like that and it wasn’t even as profound as you may guess it need be in order to be labeled “Pure Joy” and in truth, it was a collection of moments that led to that pure one.

Our dear friends have a dog, who I refer to as the “Supermodel Version of Sherlock T. Bones” (our small boxer-mix). Carol J. Puppy Dog shares not only the lithe figure and great cheekbones of a supermodel but the skittish behavior of one as well. We had major storms all day yesterday and in a crack of thunder instant, Carol jumped the fence and hit the runway.

Hours passed and our friend, the very worried owner, had emptied his phone battery from all the texts and calls both incoming and outgoing. The internet was employed in a way that reminded many of us that it CAN be used for good, not just trolls who are mean or a President with an itchy trigger finger.

Finally, a neighbor texted that Carol had been spotted, another neighbor sent up a flare so those of us nearby could get to that place and then, like she knew it was time to go home, Carol hopped in the car of the kind souls who had just driven up and noticed this beauty of a beast in their front yard.

Lost. Found. Strangers Coming Together To Help. Reunion of Owner and Pup.

The Result: Pure Joy!