Two Poses & Five Breaths

Best yoga buddies ever!

Best yoga buddies ever!

An interesting thing happened on my yoga mat this morning that did not involve complicated, intricate, wind-in-my-hair-standing-on-a-rock poses. Not that my typical practice involves such things, but it does usually involve a bit more than what happened today.

First, a bit of context:

Recently, I have been experiencing an ache every time I enter a yoga studio for a public class. It has a twin ache that I feel when I walk into a theatre (film or stage). I recognize this old friend of an ache and know her by name: longing. To teach again…to act in roles that turn me on and use me up (in the best way). The ache is accompanied by a knowledge that it is simply part of the journey, the rising up to new levels and deeper challenges.

There are days, like there always are and always will be, when no opportunities, presented or created, exist for me to do those things that calm the longing, soothe the ache, and it’s those days where for a moment I can lose all sense of purpose.

Thankfully, I have plans in play for pain of purpose days (sorry Grammar-Queens, but I like all the ‘p’ words).

Getting on my yoga mat, whether I ‘feel’ like it or not, is in the plan. And, lucky for me, days like today offer a morsel of purpose that I share with you now in the hopes that for whatever ache you have, whatever longing resides deep within, you will know that glimpses of pure presence exist and they have the power to settle the soul, even for just a few minutes. But, you must have a plan!

As I began to practice, rather than go through a full range yoga practice and all the accompanying time and effort, my body took over where my mind was headed and offered, simply, quietly: Warrior 2 with Five Full Breaths and Tree Pose with Five Full Breaths. That was it. Simplicity. Purpose. Peace.

We like complication, don’t we? Gives us reason to go about our days being stressed and upset, rather than filled with confidence, and more importantly, gratitude. Make yourself a plan if you don’t already have one and then, step back and let it roll when it knows better than you what you need.