No News IS Good News

Since early spring of this year, it has felt like a non-stop organizing binge that only someone with my deep love of order, function, and tidiness could possibly revel in as much as I have. Oh. And also, all things real estate, such as selling and buying houses, packing and moving will get the junk cleared out real quick – I ain’t movin’ more boxes than I have to, that’s a fact!

In the process of de-cluttering physical items a grand shift, subliminal at first, but now very present, was a decluttering of the flotsam and jetsam of my daily routines and clearing up some mental space.

One major step in that direction: I stopped with over-consuming news and news-like information (hello Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and random sites on the web-i-wheel-world). Since I failed to note all my vitals at the start of this, I have no empirical evidence to support this as a positive choice. However, I am experiencing a significant surplus of mental space, clarity of ideas, and fewer spikes in my blood pressure due to another article or posting about what is happening in our Shakespearean Drama of current politics.

No, I am not burying my head in the sand and singing ‘la la la’ while the world implodes. And yes, I will continue my Sunday ritual of too much coffee and the New York Times. But, the non-stop blasting of NPR in my car has been replaced with loud music and even louder singing (thank you Classic Hits of the 70’s and 80’s for making all my car-karaoke dreams come true).

What I once thought non-negotiable about being a well-informed citizen of the world has morphed into understanding the necessity of being a well-connected human in my closest circles first and then rippling out from there.

No need to worry writers of ‘bleed to lead’ copy or enthusiasts of what celebrities are wearing, eating, driving, breathing, etc., I will still read your news and feel your panic, but on my schedule and when I have created the necessary bandwidth needed for the over-abundance of drama. Oh, and without question, only from a place of networked community with like-minded folks who enjoy a good cocktail with a homemade meal. Now there's a new story worth telling.