Go In Hard & Ask For The World (or "What I learned from Ellen Pompeo")

Ian Nicholas  designs the FUNNIEST damn cards like this one! Buy them at  The Beehive  in The ATL

Ian Nicholas designs the FUNNIEST damn cards like this one! Buy them at The Beehive in The ATL

WORTH. Now there's a word that will get people talking, and not always about how much they believe they are worth, or their work is worth, or their time is worth, etc. I struggled to know my worth for far too long. Thankfully life introduced me to a kickass therapist, some fabulous friends, writers of powerful words, body-loving-yoga and repeated opportunities to ask for what I believed I was worth, and to stay or go depending on the answer.

Never would I have believed that I would find a kindred spirit in Ellen Pompeo! Full disclosure: the last time I saw an episode of Grey's Anatomy was the same year I got my very first iPhone (along with a few million others....coincidence??) While I may not be firing up the cable box to watch the past 13 seasons, I will be re-reading this recent interview that Ellen did with The Hollywood Reporter and sharing it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

If you're sensitive to an attractive and successful woman dropping the f-bomb, you may want to skip this. However, if you can move your puritan eyes past that and to the core of what she's saying it is a MUST READ!

The number of times I have wished (yes, of course I asked for it) to see a full script for an episode of 'xyz-show' so that I could best prepare to succeed at my job, only to be told that it won't happen because I'm not the star or the series regular or it's just too likely I'll run away to TMZ and spill all the details of the latest episode of 'blah-blah-blah show' is depressing. I'm worth being paid my quote and given the job, but not worth all the cards in the deck that will help me succeed at my job? Sure, that makes sense to someone, somewhere, just not me. Thankfully,  not Ellen either. Women like her are making the seemingly small choices in a massive industry that trickle down and help all of us do our jobs at the highest level of our capabilities. 

I love that she spoke out about how much she's being paid. I love that she doesn't apologize for being a business person (AND an actor). I love that she called out the studio and network for how quickly they needed "to get a penis in there" and I love that she and so many other women like her are teaching all of us how to be comfortable with power - OUR power!

I do hope you'll read it, take it to heart and feel motivated to make a deposit in the Self-Worth Bank of YOU! Know your worth, then "go in hard and ask for the world"!