Forgetting February

Yep! (Thanks H&M)

Yep! (Thanks H&M)

February happens. Every year February follows January. And every year, I forget.

The post-holiday action of cleaning out the fridge, packing up the holiday decorations, slowly beginning to eat non-cookie items for breakfast, noting the cold and dark days where it is still "okay" to sleep later or nap more often or watch just one more episode (just. one. more), writing thank you notes, printing out calendar pages for the newest year and starting to plot and plan how that year will be spent, etc., etc., etc.

And then: F@&$!*# February!

Every year I seem to forget that February, for all it's sweetness and hearts and cupid b.s., is one of the longest and loneliest months. Many creatives have yet to return from holiday breaks. Budgets have not been approved. Shows sit ready to start production, but the majority are all in the land of 'pre-pro' and voice-over work mostly comes from longtime clients who need a quick turnaround on a low-budget job.

This is the month I often find myself pondering the thought "I'll never work in this (or any) town again"! I convince myself that my choice of career has been a poor one and that I should have gone into real estate or mortgage banking or any combination thereof where fabulous shoes and a closet full of sensible blouses would do the trick.

Thankfully, I have a tribe of phenomenal people in my life. Friends and partners in crime who are here to remind me that it's not me, it's February! The thing about living a creative life is it requires more than anything self-love and self-awareness. Yes, there is the requisite talent and tenacity, the thick skin and the optimistic attitude. But, there is also the need for patience, persistence and being prepared. 

February comes every year. Every year I somehow forget. And every year someone who I admire and who makes my life better is there to remind me I will work again and again and again. Like the seasons everything is in a constant state of contraction and expansion. There simply cannot be a March and April and May filled with expansion without a December and January, and yes, the "F" month filled with contraction.