Quiet Please

Me and the doggies at the beach.......

Me and the doggies at the beach.......

I'm just going to leave this here for anyone, like myself, who needs it: 

You are trained through your exceptional sensitivity to be generous of heart. You are more comfortable with the vulnerability of emotional expression than most anyone else on Earth. You can look deeply into the eyes of another human without flinching from the terror of being exposed. You understand that silence and stillness are not passive, but radical acts in the digital world of never ending status updates. You realize, even beneath the tidal wave of “self expression” that powers our culture of narcissism, that to listen is the only way to truly honor another’s humanity.

These qualities are not unique to actors, but they are ones that you have spent a lifetime cultivating. You are also in an industry that threatens the very qualities that brought you here. 

You can read the entire letter here - I highly recommend that you do. Thanks so much to my dear friend Daryl who shared it with me knowing it was exactly what I needed.

Hope your summer is a good one so far!