rules of thumb

All of life’s questions seem big when you’re in the middle of them. But whether your questions are domestic or global, aesthetic or philosophical, John Gibson has been there and wondered that. In the vein of Nate DiMeo’s The Memory Palace, ‘Rules of Thumb’ utilizes the spoken-word essay format to set aside giant, intractable problems, and find nuggets of certainty in the everyday. Episodes range between six and twenty-six minutes and include all original content and music. Ten episodes of the first season are fully produced with topics for two subsequent seasons already in pre-production. 


one work

“One Work” is a location and culture driven podcast, focused on one piece of work in the artist’s catalog. Each episode examines the artist’s process, diving into conversations to explore how one’s work doesn’t end when the work is done. Hosted by Kristy Gomez this podcast gets curious about how artists stay motivated/inspired/sane through completion. When is something finished? What does it mean to reveal yourself in front of another person or audience? Each episode will feature original music and visual art along with a robust website for the creative community to gather and explore together.

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My backyard

Using social media, old-school telephones and any other means of communication “My Backyard” engages tweens as they discover a bigger world beyond their own backyard. Like the popular Story Pirates podcast, “My Backyard” seeks to include younger audiences in the media landscape while connecting them with their own community and those around the globe. Season One launches with 12 episodes ranging in length from 10-15 minutes, focusing on stories from around the U.S. Moving into Season Two we go beyond the U.S. to Backyards “Around the World” and then join up in an “Invitation for Adventure” for Season Three.