Nice to Meet you


1. I was raised in the beautiful surroundings of the Willamette Valley. I have lived and worked in the City of Angels, The Big Apple and now happily call The Peach State home.

2. I believe in the powers of curiosity, kindness and pie.

3. Walking my dogs, newsprint ink on my fingers and deep belly laughs are a few of my favorite things.

“It’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it." ~Anne Shirley



“How the West was won. . . by strong-hearted women of good sense”

I may not be a mother, doctor or zombie-apocalypse survivor in real life, but I have played one on TV. Likewise, I may not have survived in an underwater laboratory, but I have in an animated world. Also, not a bank president, cheating wife, hateful nurse or social worker – again, some roles I’ve played during my two-decade career as an actor. From the stage to the screen with a few fun detours along the way, it’s always an adventure.

Voice Over

“The English teacher who changes your life forever”

Growing up, I had a habit of reading everything out loud, memorizing every commercial, and being able to perform them for family and friends. Now I get paid to do just that and more! From over a hundred audiobooks to broadcast commercials, e-learning, podcasts and animation, voice-over is my happy place. If you need a warm and encouraging sound with just enough authority and strength to get the job done, you may have found it.


“Some are good, others bad. I can tell quickly which is which”

Being bossy and telling people what to do comes naturally to me. However, the role of producer is more than strength of opinion and good organizational skills. It’s finding that perfect path of encouragement, challenging others to tell their stories exactly the way the world needs to hear them, and expecting excellence at every turn. My deep curiosity connects with creators; together we explore the questions, find the answers, and stay true to the story. 


People say nice things

  • Morgan dazzles with a remarkably communicative face and a commensurate gift for comedy.”
    — Atlanta Daily Herald
  • Tiffany Morgan is the perfect pairing for this listen. Her friendly but scholarly style gives listeners the feeling of a best friend who is expounding on her favorite topic.
    — Audiofile Magazine
  • An excellent narrator who really lifts the words off the page in a conversational way. I hope to listen to more books read by her.
    — Audible Review

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